Hutong Restaurant Hong Kong – Aqua Restaurant ( Part II )

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Hutong Hong Kong – Aqua Restaurant

Some photos from Hutong Restaurant
Hong Kong
28/F, One Peking Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui
(852) 3428-8342

So here’s part II of my Hutong review with photos. Once again, I don’t know if it was a bad night that we went but the service we received was really unacceptable. I have to say, I received better service in a busy diner in the provicial town of ZhongSan China than this upscale Hong Kong western restaurant. Putting that aside however and to be fair, I’d like to strictly write about the food in part II and share some of the photos I have.

Hutong Lamb Ribs
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The crispy lamb rips hutong style. This is one of their ‘famous’ dishes. Lamb ribs are deboned and slow cooked. The skin is fried to a crisp and the 2 are reassembled.

Grouper With Fried Peanuts Garlic
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Here’s an interesting dish that’s presented in a unique way. The meat of a grouper is minced and stir fried with fried peanuts and garlic. It’s then served back on top of a it’s carcass along with the fish head. Those not familiar with Chinese dishes, whole fish is always served with the head – it’s not good luck to cut it off. But then again, I don’t know if grinding meats and reattaching it to the body is any much better in good karma points. LOL