Kati Roll Indian Wraps NY

kati roll indian food wraps burrito

Kati Roll Indian Wraps NY

140 W 46th Street
Bet 6th and 7th Ave
Open Late till 5AM on Fri and Sat

Kati Roll is also on the Upper West Side on Columbus near 113?

My friend Leah was browsing on the Midtown Lunch Blog and came across the Kati Roll restaurant in midtown. Thing is we always complain at work about not having any variety of restaurants and here’s this blog called MidTown Lunch that features all the things you can eat in Midtown. Damn, this is kati roll indian food wraps burritoawesome. I’m going to have to check out more and more of her posts – I basically gave up on Midtown. (Actually I’ve been to Kati Roll once before on the upper west side but wasn’t able to actually eat what I ordered cause some homeless guy came in and started a fight with the owner – it was pretty crazy so everyone left and we never got our food)

So what’s a Kati Roll? It’s a wrap of traditional indian dishes conveniently wrapped in a paratha (Indian Flat Bread). The simple menu includes about 10 items such as Aloo Masala (spicy potato), Achari Paneer, Chicken Tikka, Beef Tikka, Shami Kabab, etc. They range from $3 – $4 for each roll but if you buy 2 rolls you get a samll discount. I got 2 Beef Tikka rolls for $8.

kati roll indian food wraps burrito If you get the rolls to go, they put them in these stylish foil lined BBQ bags that keep them hot and fresh all the way back to the office. Which is probably a good idea cause it gets pretty crowded in the restaurant. It could be the oppressive heat outside but then again maybe its the fine collection of vintage Bollywood posters on the walls that keeps people eating these rolls in the restaurant. ha ha.

kati roll indian food wraps burrito So the Kati Roll Beef Tika was worth the trip. The beef was tender and the spices were hot – if you can’t take spicy food you should tell the cooks to turn it down a notch. If you like indian food, definitely check this place out and grab a few rolls even if it’s at 4AM on a friday. Enjoy!