Cho Dou Fu ( Stinky Tou Fu ) Hong Kong

cho dou fu - stinky tofu hong kong

Cho Dou Fu – Stinky Tofu

From Sing – in MongKok / Hong Kong there is a famous cho dou fu shop where you can easily find large crowds of locals and tourists. You know you’re approaching it because you can smell it half way down the street block. It’s quite potent. Cho do fu is basically the Chinese version of gourmet stinky cheese. It’s deep fried and then served with a variety of sauces – sometimes spicy. The consistency is crunchy on the outside and soft within and stinky cho dou fu stinky tofu all around. The cho dou fu is served here on a paper napkin with a toothpick and you can dip the cho dou fu in the sauce. Sing ate it with bean sauce and the hot sauce. Apparently in this area in MongKok you can find all kinds of street food and as far as cho dou fu goes, this shop serves the best. When you walk in you can see all of the major write ups from all of the local publications with all of its raving reviews. Personally I can’t stand cho dou fu because it smells really bad but it is a delicacy enjoyed by many. I tried it a few times once in Beijing and once in Shanghai but the smell was just overpowering for me. Anyhow, if you’re a cho dou fu fan please send me your comments about how you feel. Maybe there is another way to serve this or how to cook it? I know I read a very interesting post on Eating China blog that talks about a day spent in Taiwan and eating cho dou fu. There’s also a post somewhere on Cha Xiu Bao food blog about cho dou fu but at the moment I can’t find the link. Looking at these photos however is making me a little sick – I can already recall the smell.