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BreadTalk Cafe

Ok before you dis the silly name, check out what they actual have to sell. That’s what I did one day when the line at Starbucks was annoyingly long and I immediately became a huge fan of BreadTalk. Unlike all the faux bakery places here in Beijing, at BreadTalk you can get good decent bread (of course) and also some really unusual, great tasting combinations of bakery goods that you can’t get anywhere else. Each pastry is sells in the range of 6-8 RMB ($.75 – $1.20)

BreadTalk Cafe

For example, one of my favorites is the toast with ham and egg. Something you could make at home OR just get on the run at BreadTalk!!! They also have a ton of these ‘cutesy’ pastries such as the coco bear filled with chocolate and coconut (it is Asia after all – think Hello Kitty).

I think BreadTalk has some real potential, and would love to see how it would do in the states. So far it’s pretty successful with over 400 bakery stores in 16 countries such as Singapore, China, Hong Kong, South Korea and the Middle East. The holding company also operates more than 10 Michelin Star Din Tai Fung restaurants in Singapore and Thailand, as well as over 30 award-winning Food Republic food atriums in Singapore, PRC, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

I also like that I can get an Americano at BreadTalk for a fraction of the price at Starbucks and then walk through the Starbucks cafe on my way to work.


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A New “Choice” in Dumbo: The Gallery Cafe Restaurant Dumbo Brooklyn NY http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1590 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1590#comments Wed, 01 Jun 2011 15:33:57 +0000 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1590 A New “Choice” in Dumbo: The Gallery Cafe Restaurant Dumbo Brooklyn NY

The Gallery Cafe Restaurant Dumbo Brooklyn NY

The Gallery Cafe
108 Jay Street, Brooklyn NY 11201
Mon-Fri 8am-10pm
Sat-Sun Brunch 9am-4pm

We don’t have too many casual walk in restaurants in Dumbo (The Dumbo General Store café went to table service a few years ago) so I was a little disappointed when the laid back cafeteria style Choice restaurant located diagonally across the street from the York Street F train stop in Dumbo switched owners to a higher end restaurant now called The Gallery Café. But overall the changes are quite remarkable and the evidence of returning Dumbo residents to the restaurant further imply it’s a good fit for the neighborhood. Some things have not changed such as the intricate molded ceiling and the wood panel window booths, but the long communal benches (which I liked) have been replaced with white napkin candlelit tables accompanied with an occasional jazz quartet on some nights throughout the week. You can credit the owner Michael for the transformation of the space. On most nights you can see him at the restaurant tableside attending to guests and soliciting feedback – something you don’t really see anymore.

The Gallery Cafe Restaurant Dumbo Brooklyn NY

But let’s get down to the food shall we? The overhaul of the menu has replaced simple lighter fare of burgers, salads and sandwiches to more fanciful dishes such as skirt steak, braised ribs, Saffron Arancini and grilled cod (the menu seems to change quite often).

The Gallery Cafe Restaurant Dumbo Brooklyn NY

I shared a dinner meal with two others and we were able to sample a variety of dishes including crab cakes, braised pork ribs. The ribs were amazing – tender, juicy and meaty.
I also went back for brunch and tried out the fresh juice bar where you can literally hand pick the fruit off the counter and they’ll magically transform it into a juice of your liking. I ordered a plate of waffles served with walnuts and a rich buttercream that was also very good. Enjoy!

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New Stumptown coffee shop fresh roasted beans Red Hook Brooklyn Ny http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1356 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1356#comments Sun, 26 Sep 2010 17:57:26 +0000 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1356 New Stumptown coffee shop fresh roasted beans Red Hook Brooklyn Ny

stumptown coffee shop fresh roasted beans van brunt at commerce st red hook brooklyn ny

Stumptown Coffee Shop
327 Van Brunt St
Red Hook
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Tel (718) 488-9730

The much anticipated Stumptown coffee shop has finally opened in Red Hook. I was on my way to the Red Hook soccer fields for some tacos and stopped by to check out the coffee shop on its 2nd day after their grand opening. At the coffee shop, you get the coffee brewed fresh by the actual Stumptown coffee baristas – how much to the source can you get? Skip the line at the Ace hotel and head down to the new Stumptown coffee shop.

stumptown coffee shop fresh roasted beans van brunt at commerce st red hook brooklyn ny

You can of course buy the beans in bulk and all the coffee gadgets to enjoy Stumptown in the comfort of your own home. All varieties available – check it out!! Not really any place to hang out and drink your coffee though, I’d head down to the Valentino pier park a few blocks away in Red Hook.

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Ben’s Kosher Deli NY Corned Beef Pastrami Burger Happy Rosh Hashanah http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1306 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1306#respond Thu, 09 Sep 2010 21:49:43 +0000 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1306 Ben’s Kosher Deli NY Corned Beef Pastrami Burger Happy Rosh Hashanah

Ben's Kosher Deli NY Corned Beef Pastrami Burger Rosh Hashanah

209 W. 38th Street
Manhattan, New York 10018
(7 locations including Boca Raton FL)

Happy Rosh Hashanah! Ok it was kind of a coincidence that my colleagues at work and I went to Ben’s Kosher Deli yesterday but all the same it was a good excuse to have some amazing home cured pastrami and beef.

Ben's Kosher Deli NY Corned Beef Pastrami Burger Rosh Hashanah

I ordered the Pastrami Burger Deluxe (yes that’s right – pastrami and beef together) with potato cut fries. After tax, it’s a little on the pricey side ($14.14) but I was impressed by the amount of food you get – it comes with a ton of fries, a side of cole slaw, 2 large pickles, and a large helping of pastrami. (Don’t even think about asking for cheese on your burger – this is a kosher place afterall). If you get it to go, they give you like 20 packets of ketchup along with a tub of mustard and Russian dressing.

Ben's Kosher Deli NY Corned Beef Pastrami Burger Rosh Hashanah

The pastrami sandwiches are the real deal. They aren’t as large as Carnegie Deli but they are priced a lot lower too ($10.99).

As for the Rosh Hashanah holiday, Ben’s apparently does catering and has several packages to help you celebrate. $299.99 for 10 people L’Shanah Tovah to all who are celebrating Rosh Hashanah!

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Siggy’s Natural Organic Good Food Restaurant and Juice Bar Brooklyn Heights NY http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1211 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1211#respond Fri, 21 May 2010 18:02:05 +0000 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1211 Siggy’s Natural Organic Good Food Restaurant and Juice Bar Brooklyn Heights NY

Siggy's Natural Organic Good Food Restaurant and Juice Bar Brooklyn Heights NY

76 Henry Street
Brooklyn Heights
718 237 3199

Dumbo is a dangerous neighborhood, you are on a diet. You have 5 Guys bugers, Junior’s Cheesecakes, Fascati Pizza and Grimaldi’s Pizza all within walking distance. Fortunately there’s a few healthy alternatives such as Siggy’s all natural organic good food restaurant and juice bar in Brooklyn Heights. It’s located at the end of Henry St just two doors from Fascati pizza and a block away from the famous Henry’s End Ale House. It’s also a 5 min walk across the park from the Brooklyn Bridge staircase landing so I’m surprised there aren’t more tourists over on this end. I guess they like to walk downhill to DUMBO or right over to the 1 hour + queue over at Grimaldi’s.

Siggy's Natural Organic Good Food Restaurant and Juice Bar Brooklyn Heights NY

Siggy’s reminds me a little of the famous Cafe Intermezzo at UC Berkeley on Telegraph (sadly RIP & closed according to Yelp), great vegetarian and non vegetarian options (the burgers at Siggy’s are local, grass fed & organically raised, large, juicy and awesome). We recently went back to Siggy’s and ordered the Ahi Tuna wrap. It’s a delicious tuna salad with kalamata Olives in Lemon Paprika Olive Oil, Tomatoes, Clover Sprouts, Lettuce & vegan mayo in a thin wheat flax wrap.

Siggy's Natural Organic Good Food Restaurant and Juice Bar Brooklyn Heights NY

For starters we had the Quinoa Spinach Cakes ($7) High Protein Baked Quinoa Grain & Spinach Cakes Topped with Fresh Tomato Pepper Cilantro Salsa and they were amazing.

Siggy's Natural Organic Good Food Restaurant and Juice Bar Brooklyn Heights NY

Also tried the Sicilian Basil Veggies Pasta ($14) which is like an open face lasagna with Roasted Zucchini, Broccoli, Spinach leaves, Kalamata Olives, Fresh Basil Garlic Tomato Sauce with Artichokes Ribbon Pasta {Ribbons Made with Jerusalem Artichokes Flour & Semolina} – Can Be Served over Quinoa Grain.

You can’t go wrong with Siggy’s – Enjoy!

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Lassen and Hennings Bakery and Deli Brooklyn Heights – Red Velvet Cake http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1206 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1206#respond Wed, 05 May 2010 16:41:42 +0000 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1206 Lassen and Hennings Bakery and Deli Brooklyn Heights – Red Velvet Cake

lassen and henning bakery and deli brooklyn heights - red velvet cake

114 Montague St
Brooklyn Heights
(718) 875-6272

Last week, we went up to Brooklyn Heights and checked out a few more places on Montague. Our dinner at a sushi place wasn’t very impressive (it was run by Chinese) but a spoiled evening was quickly averted when we discovered the Lassen and Hennings Bakery. Everything at Lassen and Hennings is made on the premises which says a lot about the quality and freshness.

lassen and henning bakery and deli brooklyn heights - red velvet cake

I heard the sandwiches are amazing especially on their fresh baked bread, but having just finished dinner, we opted for a slice of their Red Velvet cake and sat outside on the promenade park overlooking the Brooklyn harbour and the financial district.

Brooklyn Heights

At first I was doubtful about the Red Velvet Cake because who can really beat out Cake Man Raven in Brooklyn right? But in all honesty I have to say that Lassen and Hennings makes a really good Red Velvet Cake and the fact that they serve coffee and its located a block away from an amazing park and just minutes from where we live in DUMBO, it’s a plus. I’ll have to do a side by side comparison one of these days!

lassen and henning bakery and deli brooklyn heights - red velvet cake

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Go RAW One Lucky Duck Restaurant – New Years Health Standard Process Cleanse Diet (Day 6) http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1103 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1103#comments Mon, 18 Jan 2010 00:20:18 +0000 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1103 Go RAW One Luck Ducky Restaurant – New Years Health Standard Process Cleanse Diet (Day 6)

Living Raw Food - Selma Melngallis

I got a little frustrated browsing the vegetarian and vegan cookbook section at Strand because most of the books called for a lot of tofu, seitan and pasta which are all not allowed on the diet. Then I came across a book with the skinny blonde chick drinking a fruit shake on the cover. My first impression was this was some trendy diet book and laughed until I opened the book to a page with a recipe for Watermelon, Heirloom Tomato, and Herb salad. Hey this looks awesome and it’s totally in line with the cleanse diet! Next I flipped to a recipe for Avocado Soup with Blood Orange and Mango Salsa which also looked amazing and was also kosher for the diet! I not only bought the book, but we ended up going to her Pure Food and Wine Restaurant on 54 Irving Pl. When we found out they are only open for dinner, we went around the corner to the smaller take out restaurant at E17th Street at Irving Place.

one lucky duck RAW restaurant ny

One Lucky Duck RAW Take Out Restaurant
125 1/2 E 17th Street (at Irving Place)
212 – 477 7151

It’s a tiny little shack with 3 small tables, but they serve almost everything out of the book. We ended up getting a seaweed vegetable salad with wakame, carrots, beets and sesame-scallion dressing as well as plate of the spicy Thai lettuce wraps (mango, pea shoot, carrot, savoy cabbage, cashews and tamarind sauce. We weren’t sure if neither sesame nor cashews are allowed for the diet so we tried to pick them out. Otherwise this was a revelation for our Standard Process liver cleanse diet! This book and the restaurant are awesome. Stay tuned for recipes from the book.

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Crooked Tree Creperie East Village – 93 Plates Food Blog Project http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1073 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1073#respond Sun, 10 Jan 2010 18:52:33 +0000 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1073 Crooked Tree Creperie East Village – 93 Plates Food Project

Crooked Tree Creperie East Village New York

Crooked Tree.
110 Saint Marks Place
New York, NY 10009
(212) 533-3299

Crooked Tree Creperie East Village New YorkFuck Julie and Julia. Ok as a blogger and food lover I love Julia Child and the movie, but for those of you who don’t or can’t cook, try doing this challenge: food blogging a month of continuous meals three times a day. Today I am at the Crooked Tree in the East Village with Hagan Blount of Wandering Foodie on his 28th meal out of 93. (In Sept and August Hagan did 24 restaurants in 24 hours in Boston and DC).

Crooked Tree Creperie East Village New YorkTo start the meal, Sim (co-owner and chef) prepared two savory crepes including a Green Tomato, Arugula, and Prosciutto and a Chicken, Goat Cheese and Sun Dried Tomato crepe. I’ve tried different creperies in the city and most make them on the lighter side – here at the Crooked Tree the crepes have more bite, more dough, and chew. (Sim explains that this is a result of his own special batter formula for the crepes that took him months to perfect) This ‘heavier’ crepe goes great with the savory as well as the sweet crepes.

The Green Tomato Arugula comes topped with a poached egg – oozing warm yolk, always a great bonus. For sweet, we tried both the Nutella/Banana/Ice Cream and a flambee’ Chocolate/Strawberry/Grand Marnier crepes. I especially like the Chocolate/Strawberry/Grand Marnier – it’s a classic combination and they do it quite well. For something different and for those of you who can’t decide between savory and sweet like me, try the Chocolate, Almond and Bacon crepe.

Crooked Tree Creperie East Village New York

As I cleaned off the last bit crepe on my plate, Hagan and I chatted with Sim about the Crooked Tree’s rich history. Like the East Village, the Crooked Tree has seen some major changes over its 11 year history. Just a block away from St Tompkins Square Park, the courtyard of the Crooked Tree in the 90s was once a shady drug dealer’s spot. Today, Sim says that the Crooked Tree has become a different hook up spot – its quiet and intimate interiors make it a popular cozy choice spot for dates. Sim flashes a smile as he adds that the Crooked Tree’s special house-made sangrias, salads and sweet crepes seem to also attract a lot of single women. Good to note people! (Not like the food isn’t already a good enough reason to go).

Crooked Tree Creperie East Village New York

Next stop on the meal marathon is a food blogger’s meetup at Il Porto in Ft Greene Brooklyn. Honestly, I think just eating and blogging two places in one day is quite a challenge for me. Maybe someday I’ll be in a good condition for eating out at 93 places in a row or even cooking 524 Julia Child recipes in a year. In the meantime just being part of this project and meeting various NY food bloggers will be great inspiration and a great source for more great places to eat. And yes, I will be blogging it one plate at a time. Stay Tuned!

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Cafe Tropical – Good Coffee and Great Cookies – Silver Lake Los Angeles CA http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1064 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1064#respond Sat, 09 Jan 2010 21:38:03 +0000 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1064 Cafe Tropical – Good Coffee and Great Cookies – Silver Lake Los Angeles CA

Cafe Tropical Silver Lake Los Angeles CA

2900 W Sunset Blvd
Silver Lake
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(323) 661-8391

On a trip to LA last November, we stopped by Pho Cafe and had awesome Vietnamese food . Afterwards we needed some coffee and headed a block down to Cafe Tropical. On Yelp, everyone is writing raving reviews about their amazing Cuban style coffee which I agree is good but are these reviewers blind?!!! Did they not see the gargantuan sized cookies in the dessert bar? These things are enormous and awesome! The tiramisu and carrot cake are also pretty good by the way. (Yes we ate a lot that night).

Cafe Tropical Silver Lake Los Angeles CA

Oh by the way check out the random decorations of this place. I’m not talking about the multi-colored paper mache lamps – check out the gloves, hats, and other random articles of clothing that are pinned to the walls and ceiling. One of our friends has a theory that they just post all the unclaimed things that people leave behind (there’s an weekly AA meeting next store) and use it as decoration. Pretty random, but good desserts, great coffee and gigantic cookies! Enjoy!

Cafe Tropical Silver Lake Los Angeles CA

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The Bagel Store – Williamsburg Brooklyn NY http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1049 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1049#respond Sun, 03 Jan 2010 22:41:01 +0000 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=1049 The Bagel Store – Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

Bagel Store Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

The Bagel Store
247 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY, 11211
Fax- 718-218-7266

The Bagel Store
754 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn Ave, NY, 11211

What do you do when you’re faced with equally attractive options of having a nice toasted fresh bagel with great toppings, french toast, or an egg bacon and cheddar sandwich? Thanks to the innovative folks at the Bagel Store, you can kind of do it all with their 2 new crazy bagel flavors: French Toast and Bacon, Egg and Cheddar!

Bagel Store Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

I guess you really can’t expect anything less crazy from a bagel bakery that has a mural of huge bagel toting robots on its store front right? Now I know I’ve written a few raving posts about Absolute Bagels on the Upper West Side which I still believe are among the best bagels in the NY Metro area, but the bagels at the Bagel Store should also be considered quite seriously. Besides I like the friendly and fast service, free wifi, and adequate seating.

As for the crazy new bagels, to best enjoy the French Toast Bagel, toast and add syrup. For the Bacon, Egg and Cheddar – I think butter is a better option than cream cheese, although now that I am thinking about it maybe ketchup might also be a good possibility. You can also do what I do and put a slice of one on top of the other and eat them together. Enjoy!

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