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178th and Broadway
Just South of the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal

Up in Washington Heights again last week and looking for a late night meal. Over on Broadway, south of the George Washington Bridge Bus Terminal there are several options. Floridita kind of stood out because it was right next door to a local club that had a set of velvet ropes positioned on the sidewalk. Not sure if this restaurant has any affiliation with the Floridita Cuban Restaurant on 125th and Broadway, but as with the Harlem restaurant you’ll find that all the patrons are locals. It’s a fun atmosphere expecially with tunes rocking from Spanish music jukebox in the corner – people come here to have drinks (they have a bar) and socialize. I’ve been to this Washington Heights Floridita twice. Once I ordered the Cubano Especial $5 (Cuban Sandwich) and it was awesome and so huge I split it among 2 meals. They lay the pork on these sandwiches like nowhere else. The 2nd time I visited the restaurant, I ordered the Chicken Stew over rice. Again, they the serving sizes here are pretty hefty. But an ice cold Corona and a Yankee game to watch on the TV behind the bar and I was all set. I like this neighborhood a lot – it’s very chill and the locals are extremely nice. Yes, it is slowly getting gentrified. Especially West of Ft Washington and North of 181st near Fort Tyron Park / Cloisters. The rents in Washington Heights however are still pretty modest and with the express A train (when it’s fucking running that is) is an easy commute to Columbus Circle in 25 mins. More posts on Washington Heights coming soon.

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Washington Heights New York BBQ – Latin Style http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=362 http://www.plateoftheday.com/?p=362#respond Fri, 24 Aug 2007 00:47:37 +0000 http://www.plateoftheday.com/362/ w181 washington heights bbq street fair, washington heights bbq, latin style

Washington Heights New York BBQ – Latin Style

Up in Washington Heights last weekend and as I got off the bus, I stepped into a street fair with some serious BBQ. You could smell it blocks away. It’s a lot different from the Harlem BBQ block party that I went to a few years ago. Here it was Latin style BBQ. I saw a few w181 washington heights bbq street fair, washington heights bbq, latin style vendors with this really nice BBQ contraption – they have a cone shaped device that spins over a wood burning fire. As you rotate the meats, the drips from the fat further fuel the fire creating a nice smoky flavor that’s slowly imparted into the meat. I got a huge enourmous plate along with a potato, cole slaw and fried plantains for $12. Seems a little steep but there was so much food that I actually split this into 2 meals.

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