Mint Shemshad Doogh – Darband Persian Restaurant Downtown San Diego

Went back to Darband today. I was thinking of getting the Tiramisu again but some of the beverages caught my eye while standing in line. A popular Persian drink called doogh (Shemshad brand)

shemshad doogh mint

I chose the mint one to see what it would taste like. I guess I am kind of adventurous cause if you look at the ingredients up close it doesn’t sound too appealing. Then again I have tried carbonated milk drinks in China and they weren’t too bad :

shemshad doogh darband persian restaurant san diego downtown

Anyhow I am willing to try anything for the sake of this food blog so I went ahead and ponied up $2 for a bottle. The taste? Well I think it would’ve been pretty good if there wasn’t the salt because I am not exactly used to drinking milk with a savory aftertaste. It basically tastes like tzatziki sauce which is great with spicy foods and fried breads. I guess I wasn’t expecting this taste in a beverage. I think if you had an ultra spicy dish this would be a good drink to balance it out.

I’m not too familiar with this drink so if anyone can post a comment on what you drink this with usually I’d love to find out.