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May 6, 2005

Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 golden bridge chinese restaurant new york

Golden Bridge Chinese Restaurant

Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 50 Bowery Suite 2F
New York, glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00, glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 NY 10013
Phone: (212) 227-8831

Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 The VIP Chinese Restaurant : If you’ve never been to Hong Kong or just want to experience a full service Chinese restaurant banquet hall dining experience, glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 Golden Bridge is a good choice in Chinatown New York. Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 Golden Bridge has one of the largest Chinese restaurant banquet halls of New York and on weekends endless amounts of dim sum are carted throughout its cavernous dining space.

Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 golden bridge chinese restaurant new yorkI especially like this Chinese restaurant a lot because it evokes that John Woo / Hong Kong “Gangster Mafia” feeling. Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 There’s always a black Lincoln Towncar or a Mercedes S600 parked outside with the motor running. Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 Once you enter Golden Bridge Chinese restaurant and ascend the escalator to the main entrance you come into full view of a solid teak wood desk topped with a huge golden Buddha statue. Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 Behind the desk are a few “important” restaurant staff and “the boss” rocks back on a high back tufted leather office chair. Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 On the desk, glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 is a phone that is always ringing away, glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 a printing calculator with a roll of receipts, glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 and sometimes a few stacks of cash on the desk. Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 (I blurred out the face of the boss 😉 )

Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 To your right you’ll see a glass display case of a gigantic prized dried shark fin (very expensive dish in Chinese cuisine) and of course your various bottles of Remy Martin XO and VSOP for the VIP crowd.
golden bridge chinese restaurant shark fin remy martin xo
We ordered some very tasty Chinese dishes including a dish of Curry Scallops Over Broccoli:
golden bridge chinese restaurant new york

Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 Chinese Style Steamed Fish :
golden bridge chinese restaurant steamed fish

Golden Citrus Glazed Pork Chops :

golden bridge chinese restaurant new york

Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 The food here is very good and the staff and service is also excellent. Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 I would recommend Golden Bridge chinese restaurant in New York – especially if you have a very large group of VIP. Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 Tell them Simon sent you. Glucophage 1000mg pills $172.00 😉 haha.

Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 265 user reviews.

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  • Reply joline July 17, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    A group of senior citizens had a birthday party there just today. It was paid for in advance and I guess the senior center had some contract with this restaurant. that being said, I must note that mgmt and staff were quite rude to the attendees and everything was rushed, as if they were trying to get them in and out ASAP to make room for the next group of suckers, and I’m not the only that noticed this.

    I’ve been a fan of that restaurant, and that’s why we haven’t been going there in years. Thought things have changed. Well, they have… For the worse.

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