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Make My Cake

103 W. 110th Street
New York, NY
Phone: 212.932.0833
Fax: 212.923.3198

Make My Cake

2380 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd
New York, NY
Phone: 212.234.2344
Fax: 212.234.2327

Southern Red Velvet Cake Recipe by Food TV

I wrote a lot about Tiramisu over the past few weeks but out here in New York (at least in Harlem) it’s all about the red velvet cake. What is red velvet cake? For many, Red Velvet cake is a wonderfully sweet and smooth cake with Southern roots. There’s also the urban legend from the 1940s where a patron of the Waldorf Astoria asked the chef for the recipe for Red Velvet Cake. She was given an index card with the recipe for the Red Velvet Cake and a bill for $350. After failing to fight the bill in court, she mailed the recipe to every publication and every friend she had in order to “spoil” the Waldorf Astoria’s secret recipe for the Red Velvet Cake.

In any case I thought I would try it out at one of the fine cake making establishments in Harlem: Make My Cake (they have 2 locations and today I visited the one up on Adam Clayton Powell Blvd). Pretty cool name by the way. Inside at the counter we saw postings on the bulletin board for “Fix my computer” company. Maybe there should be a “Do My Laundry”, “Wash My Car”, or “Walk My Dog” company? ha ha.

In the shop, they sell all sorts of cakes including a great display of cup cakes:
make my cake harlem - cup cakes

The red velvet cake is sold whole or in slices:
red velvet cake - make my cake harlem new york

The slices of red velvet cake are individually packaged:
red velvet cake - make my cake harlem new york

I would have to say that this cake is one to die for – it’s rich, smooth and very moist. The cream cheese frosting is a little overwhelming on the sweet side but the crusty frosting gives a nice crunchy texture.
make my cake harlem - red velvet cake

My next stop is the famous Cake Man Raven down in Brooklyn. I heard he’s got the best Red Velvet Cake.

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