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April 14, 2005

Cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 Well I guess my obsession of Tiramisu didn’t go unchecked. Cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 Danielle brought in some Trader Joe’s brand Tiramisu last week. Cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 I was a little skeptical cause it isn’t handmade. Cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 But I was already sold when I saw the box:

Cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 trader joes tiramisuThe way the blocked square ridges of cake repeat themselves over the cake is in itself a display of modernist minimalism. Cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 The cartoon like look of the monolithic cake together with the ‘bite’ like hole in the cake plays on pop art imagery. Cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 Finally the way the title has been juxtaposed perpendicularly to the cake with the words ‘traditional’ sandwiched between the two ‘i’s of Tiramisu is somewhat a statement with Italian futurism undertones. Cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 Then of course there is the whole issue with industrial manufacturing and automated processing of the product which could lead into a discussion on Theodor Adorno, cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 production, cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 etc. Cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 Ok I guess I got a little out of hand on the box but you know I have to do something with my art history degree – ha ha.

Trader Joe’s Tiramisu – How’s It Taste?

Cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 First all, cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 you have to remember this is a prepackaged product that is found in the frozen section of a supermarket. Cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 But the taste speaks for itself. Cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 It doesn’t have the rich creamy flavors as you would find in a handmade cake nor does it have the pleasurable rum aftertaste but all in all it’s a pretty good Tiramisu. Cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 I think it would be a great solution when you’re in a pinch for some Tiramisu. Cardizem 60mg pills $158.00 Thanks Danielle.
trader joes tiramisu cake

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  • Reply Danielle Tarantino April 19, 2005 at 9:58 am

    TJ’s tiramisu rocks! I’m gonna miss our tt at BOL!

  • Reply someguy April 15, 2008 at 7:38 am

    TJ’s Tiramisu is okay – but I found something even better in the same freezer at TJs: The Cappuccino craving cake.
    It’s rich, creamy, moussy and if you like Tiramisu you will certainly love this.

  • Reply Andrea December 24, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    Whatever happened to TJ’s tiramisu? I loved it and they don’t carry it anymore! Is this being sold anywhere else?

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