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February 1, 2009
Febo Automat Amsterdam – Kaassoufflé

Primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 [flickr id=”3245302587″ thumbnail=”medium” align=”none”]

Primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 Location : All over Amsterdam…

Primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 [flickr id=”3216257436″ thumbnail=”thumbnail” align=”right”]
Febo Automats are quick, primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 easy and everywhere in Amsterdam. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 But besides the novelty of the automat machine, primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 I’m thinking there’s an unspoken reason for the popularity of these ‘restaurants’. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 Stoners. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 Think about it, primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 near every coffee shop is an automat, primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 and what’s more convenient than a place that serves warm greasy food instantly? No lines or wait, primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 no menus to read, primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 nobody to even have to talk to. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 Just pop your euro coins into the slot and out comes your snack hot and piping. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 (BTW, primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 be sure to use exact change cause Febo automats will rob you of any excess coins). Primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 Here in NY, primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 you check out the Bamn Automat on St Marks in the East Village.

Primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 [flickr id=”3215411945″ thumbnail=”thumbnail” align=”left”]
The Kaassoufflé
My recommendations for Febo include the fries in the back (you’ll have to talk to the attendant) and the Kaassoufflé (deep fried cheese). Primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 Basically anything deep fried is good, primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 well except maybe the deep fried scorpions I had in China that didn’t taste like anything. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 The cheese in Kaassoufflé is deep fried in a thick crunchy bread batter so you get the crunch and then the goo. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $135.00 Nice isn’t it? Enjoy!

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