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May 21, 2008
Easy French Bread Recipe (Boule)

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Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Here’s a relatively easy recipe for classic French bread. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 With the made dough, prozac 60mg pills $191.00 you can shape it into 2 boules or about 3 batards. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 It does take awhile to rise so pick a day when you know you’ll be at home for at least 5 hours+. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 It’s also best if the ambient room temp is around 78F. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 It’s getting slightly warm in NY now and I made these french bread boules in about 6.5 hours at a temp of around 67F. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Once you taste the fresh crunchy crust however, prozac 60mg pills $191.00 you’ll realize that it’s all worth the wait.

Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Classic French Bread Recipe
5 cups of bread flour (or unbleached all purpose)
2 cups of cool water (room temp)
.6 ounce of fresh yeast (or I use one packet of Red Star QUICK·RISE™ Yeast)
2.5 teaspoons of salt

Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Pour flour onto a clean surface and create a mound and make it into a volcano. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Pour a bit of the water, prozac 60mg pills $191.00 then slowly draw the flour into the water. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Repeat till water is fully mixed with the flour. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Now grease hands with a bit of olive oil and then knead for about 5 minutes to throughly mix the flour and water. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Let rest for 15 minutes (autolyse).

Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 First Rise
Flatten dough with hands and then sprinkle half the yeast, prozac 60mg pills $191.00 knead, prozac 60mg pills $191.00 flatten and sprinkle the rest of the yeast. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Flatten and add the salt, prozac 60mg pills $191.00 then knead again for about 10 minutes till dough is smooth. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Roll the dough into a tight ball. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Cover with a towel and let rest for 1.5 to 2 hours, prozac 60mg pills $191.00 maybe 3 hours until it doubles in volume. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 It all depends on the room temp.

Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Shape the Bread (Boule)
french bread boule fresh baked Slice dough in half and flatten. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 To shape, prozac 60mg pills $191.00 tuck the dough on itslef to stretch the outer skin. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Rotate the bottom of the ball on the work surface to further tighten the ball. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Finally use the tips of your fingers and tuck the bottom edges of the dough ball and pinch to seal the bottom. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Place on a prepared floured baking sheet.

Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Final Rise.
Cover with a lighlty floured towel and allow to rest till dough doubles in volume. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 (2-3 hours, prozac 60mg pills $191.00 maybe 4)

Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Baking The Bread
Place a shallow pan on the very bottom of your oven. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Fill up a container with 2 cups of cool water. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Heat oven to 425F. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Now you have to work quickly. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 ( I kind of fucked up by moving too slow and my bread deflated a bit and as a result you can see the skin on the bread is a bit wrinkled. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 )

Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 1) Pour the water into the pan and close the oven door to trap the steam.
2) Quickly slash the tops of the boules making a X shape.
3) Open and place the baking sheet with the bread into the oven and quickly close the door.

Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Bake for 20 to 25 mins or until the internal temp is 200F. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 Allow to cool for 20 mins before enjoying. Prozac 60mg pills $191.00 For long term storage, prozac 60mg pills $191.00 allow to cool a few hours , prozac 60mg pills $191.00then seal in a ziplock bag and freeze.

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