4 Course Vegan Special Dinner Party Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

4 Course Vegan Special Dinner Party Williamsburg Brooklyn NY

white chocolate cheeze cake with blood orange and cinnamon caramel

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When was the last time you enjoyed the comforts and intimacy of a house dinner party while dining on a gourmet meal as if you were out at a restaurant? Unless you have friends that happen to be exceptionally talented chefs (and those that tend to invite you into their homes and cook for you) then the odds are probably quite slim. Sorry, Thanksgiving and takeout don’t count. Last Saturday, thanks to a tip from my coworker Yaron and his fiancée’ Sarina, I was fortunate enough to be among the few guests at an ‘underground’ dinner party in Williamsburg where I was able to have amazing food and meet some really interesting people. What’s an underground dinner party? Recently featured on Anthony Bourdain’s show No Reservations, special dinner parties are a popular option for local chefs to practice and try out their latest creations with select guests within the comforts and privacy of someone’s home. The legendary James Beard, was known for his elaborate dinner and cocktail parties where he showcased his latest four course vegan, vegan special dinner, williamsburg brooklyn new york recipes. At 4 Course Vegan, it’s actually not so underground and as you can enjoy Chef Matteo’s latest vegan creations in his loft space every Saturday evening by just booking reservations through his website www.4coursevegan.com. Because it is in the comforts of his home, the dinner experience provides an opportunity for a much more intimate setting than any restaurant. That night, I met some amazing guests at the party including the owners of the Cobble Hill French bistro/bar Bar Tabac, and two really fun and talented artists who happen to be curating an art show appropriately named the ‘Edible Complex’ at Paloma Gallery Greenpoint next Wednesday Feb 6th 8pm (60 Greenpoint Ave) that explores the special relationships and meanings of food through art. A four course gourmet feast will be specially prepared by Top Chef Star Camille Becerra. Stay tuned for more details!

As the name 4coursevegan implies, all food is 100% organic and vegan. Chef Matteo has been creating delicious meals for his guests for that past 5 years not just as a way to supplement his savings towards a future restaurant, but also as way to share and introduce great tasting vegan meals to the public through his love and passion for cooking. He hopes that through the intimate dining experience guests who are most likely not vegetarians or vegans for that matter would gain a greater sense of appreciation for pure whole foods that don’t put animals at harm.

Our menu for Sat Jan 26th:
Coriander-spiced Mung Dal with Curry Leaf and Meyer Lemon Raita
Winter Squash Kofte with Chilled Watercress and Ume Plum
Braised Taro Pave’ with Pea Sprouts and Ancho Tamarind Curry
White Chocolate Cheeze Cake with Blood Orange and Cinnanmon Caramel

As you know, I’m neither a vegetarian nor a vegan but to tell you the truth if I was able to cook and eat the meals that I tried that night, it would definitely make it a lot easier to become one. Because Chef Matteo features a new menu every week and at just $40 with a BYOB option, I’m definitely going to be returning to try out more and more of his amazing creations. See you there!

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    • Hey Erin, Not quite sure how the dishes were prepared but the ‘restaurant’ is basically in his loft space so the chef is always just a few feet away in the kitchen area. It’s ok to walk over and watch him prepare the dishes. I would definitely recommend this place if you have the chance!

  • Thank you for posting this review. The food looks glorious. I am a vegan and to be honest not much of a chef, but I own a couple of really great cookbooks that I cook the more basic dishes out of and there is such a wide variety of food available out there for vegans.
    The only problem I have is eating out. I wish I had somewhere like the restaurant above to go in my area.

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