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December 26, 2007
Umi No Ie Japanese Restaurant – East Village NY

Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 86 East 3rd Street (bet 1st and 2nd ave)

Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 Umi no ie japanese restaurant ny

Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 Among the remote edges of the East Village and the upper borders of the trendy Lower East side, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 is the nondescript Umi No Ie restaurant. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 It’s my friend Noel’s go-to Japanese restaurant and he emphatically claims that when he introduced it to one of his Japanese friends, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 his friend has since claimed it as his go-to place too. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 Somehow, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 I have a feeling Umi No Ie may soon become one of my go-to places as well. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 You’ll soon realize why as you step into the basement lodge of Umi No Ie. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 Granted, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 that night the warm dry environment was a relief from the dreary weather outside, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 the interior of Umi No Ie is an inviting comfortable, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 casual place to just ‘chill’. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 Maybe it’s the flicker of the candles casting long shadows against the brick wall of its dark interiors, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 or the low tables that force you to casually lounge on the carpet, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 or maybe it’s the joyful chatter from the back table that reminds you to just relax. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 If none of the above does the trick, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 check out the food and the huge selection of drinks. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 We shared a bottle of Na Ka Na Ka Nei sake. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 Yes, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 you can get bottle service here minus the attitude of most clubs and at a fraction of the cost. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 (Plus, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 if you don’t finish the bottle, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 they can save it for you for ‘next time’. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 Isn’t that awesome?) The food menu is a collection of comfort foods from around Japan, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 so don’t expect your usual sushi menu. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 It’s all cooked at the bar / kitchen and served immediately. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 Notable was the fried chicken (I am really beginning to love Asian style fried chicken), tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 the udon which is a special recipe from the cook’s mom, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 and the pork belly with daicon root stew.

Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 As we neared the bottom of our bottle of sake, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 the classic tracks of Nirvana Unplugged circa 1993 morphed into festive J-Pop on the stereo and at that point I realized we had just spent 2 hours at this restaurant. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 I looked around and noticed we were the only non-Japanese speaking customers in the whole bar/restaurant. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 For me, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 that’s 2 positive idicators about a restaurant – no hassle treatment of customers and if it’s an ethnic restaurant the number of foreign patrons. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 Overall, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 Umi No Ie is a great place to hang out with your friends, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 relax, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 drink and eat great food. Tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 Then again, tetracycline 500mg pills $119.00 isn’t that what you expect from a Go-To Place?

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