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January 15, 2007

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Hong Kong – Indonesian Restaurant

Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 Somewhere in MongKok Kowloon, augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 Hong Kong

Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 For those of you who haven’t been to Hong Kong or China, augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 I just wanted to dispell any myths about the food.

Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 The General
First of all, augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 you probably can’t find General Tsiao’s Chicken in China. Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 I don’t even know who Genreal Tsao is – does anyone? Ok, augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 you can order Sesame Chicken or Sweet and Sour which is similar but you’ll probably be laughed at by the cook.

Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 Chinese
Secondly, augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 there’s more than just Chinese food in China. Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 I know this is probably obvious for most people but honestly I get asked if I ever got sick of eating Chinese everyday when I was living in PICT0117 China! Hey, augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 that’s what McDonalds, augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 KFC, augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 Pizza Hut, augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 (haven’t seen any Taco Bells for whatever reason) and other American Multinational Comglomerate fast food chains are for right? Seriously though, augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 you can find a lot of great ethnic food from other cultures who live in the area. Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 I’m not talking about the few select foreigners who move to China and open up a French or Italian restaurant. Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 What I mean are ethnic groups who have lived and integrated into the culture and opened up resaturants using a blend of local foods along with their own. Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 Take La Caridad in New York (Chinese Cuban) as an example. Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 Here in Hong PICT0118Kong, augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 Indian Chinese food is all over the place. Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 Indonesian seems to also be a favorite and we checked one out in Tsim Sha Tsui near Kowloon Park. Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 This one served authentic curries. Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 The rice was scooped out of this wooden bucket that I suppose they steam it in. Augmentin 625mg pills $118.00 Didn’t have any time to visit any Korean restaurants this time in HK but look out for more posts about Macau and Zhongsan China coming up next.

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