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April 23, 2006

Septra 480mg pills $69.00 Rai Rai Ken Noodles East Village New York

Rai Rai Ken Noodles East Village New York

Septra 480mg pills $69.00 214 E. Septra 480mg pills $69.00 10th St., septra 480mg pills $69.00 New York, septra 480mg pills $69.00 NY 10003
between First and Second Aves.

Septra 480mg pills $69.00 As most college students on a budget, septra 480mg pills $69.00 I survived on Ramen noodles. Septra 480mg pills $69.00 Besides being a cheap food that is quick and easy to make, septra 480mg pills $69.00 it’s also great after a long night of drinking – it satisfies your hunger and prevents you from getting a nasty hangover the next day. Septra 480mg pills $69.00 Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the 14 available seats at the tiny hole in the wall Rai Rai Ken Ramen Noodle bar in the East Village are always taken. Septra 480mg pills $69.00 The key to great ramen noodles is the broth. Septra 480mg pills $69.00 At Rai Rai they serve a few types of MSG-Free broths for their ramen including a seafood base, septra 480mg pills $69.00 a soy sauce base and vegetable base. Septra 480mg pills $69.00 I got the soy sauce base with a slice of roast pork and it was great. Septra 480mg pills $69.00 It comes with a half slice of a hard boiled egg, septra 480mg pills $69.00 seaweed, septra 480mg pills $69.00 etc. Septra 480mg pills $69.00 If you’re not into ramen noodles Rai Rai Ken also offers curry plates, septra 480mg pills $69.00 fried plates and gyoza. Septra 480mg pills $69.00 The interesting thing that we noticed that night was that the cooks behind the counter were speaking Shanghainese!! I guess that these guys are originally from Shanghai and then spent time in Japan? Not sure of the full story. Septra 480mg pills $69.00 Anyhow it’s not an uncomon thing – I mean you’ll find Vietnamese bakers at Absolute Bagels, septra 480mg pills $69.00 Korean cooks at Taco Fiesta, septra 480mg pills $69.00 and Mexican cooks at Chinese restaurants. Septra 480mg pills $69.00 Sometimes the cooks blend their heritage into their regional cooking like at La Caridad 78 where Cuban and Chinese combine.

Septra 480mg pills $69.00 Didn’t have my camera on me that night but (Photo compliments of New York

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  • Reply Treegs May 31, 2006 at 12:53 pm

    I ‘ve been to Rai Rai Ken a couple of times, but most recently tried the curry ramen…. it was so dark and tasty, with pork, noodles, scallion, hard boiled egg and a little square of seaweed. unbelievable. Then, went around the corner to DeRoberti’s for an italian ice (their chocolate is the best)… and all for under $10.

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