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F & B Hotdogs Chelsea New York – Plate Of The Day
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F & B Hotdogs Chelsea New York

March 24, 2006

F&B Hotdogs Chelsea New York

F & B Hotdogs Chelsea New York

Gourmet Hot Dogs
The concept of gourmet hot dogs has been around for sometime and F & B was one of the originals. Way before Mandlers there was the F & B boutique hot dog shop. Well it’s been a long time since I’ve been to F&B so we decided to check it out. As with most gourmet hot dog places, F&B has an extensive menu F&B Hotdogs Chelsea New York with both veggie and regular meat hot dogs. The Haute Dogs are a variety of speciality hot dogs with pork, veal, beef, and even fish (salmon). They try to upsell you with their fries and meal packages. I ordered the champion dog which is a blend of veal and pork and Sing tried the Knockwurst dog. The knockwurst was ok but the champion was definitely no winner for me. It didn’t help either when the woman behind the counter told me I couldn’t take any photos (I hate it when store owners do that). Just her attitude and her rudeness kind of turned me off in the first place. But getting back to the Champion dog – it was dry, tasteless and defintiely no champion. It pretty much had the consistency of a Tofu Dog – if you’ve ever tried one of those God help you – they’re awful. The Knockwurst was much better but at the end of the day, I would have enjoyed eating 2 Gray’s Papaya dogs for $1.50 than spending $7.59 at F&B’s . Mandler’s is much better in my opinion – plus I like Mandler’s choice of sauces and the friendly service goes a long way. Times have changed F&B….

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