Jian Bing is China’s version of the French crepe (not sure which came first though) . The Jian Bing, unlike the crepe only has a savory version as far as I know. It’s got the same type of thin flour wrap and on the inside it’s usually served with fried eggs, green onions, cilantro, and a savory spicy chilli sauce. Many varieties exist and some them also include a flat piece of crispy fried dough. It’s a great snack to have late at night or during the day.

jianbing beijing street food chinese

As in Paris, you can also find vendors selling these delicious snacks all over the streets and in small shops.

Is it hard to make? It takes a little practice but I was able to manage to make one of my own. The street vendor was nice to allow me to make my own. Although I accidently dropped an egg and he charged me a little more.

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