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October 9, 2005

Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 The Burger Joint - Gramercy

The Burger Joint

Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 241 3rd Ave, requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 New York 10003
At 20th St
Phone: 212-228-1219

Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 On the way to my co-worker’s apt for Poker night last week, requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 we stumbled upon a small chalkboard sign on the sidewalk for The Burger Joint advertising $1 sirloin burgers. Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 Ok why not? The burgers are sliders, requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 you know those White Castle mini burgers. Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 But these guys at Burger Joint are pretty serious about their burgers and they taste a hell of like better. Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 They start with a large mound of top sirloin burger and form out the patties by hand, requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 then they grill them on a salamander type griller and serve on a potato bun. Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 I guess this place is pretty hardcore burger joint with the bare essentials – a small counter for about 12 people, requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 old school florescent tube lighting, requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 and a stand up Ms Pac Man arcade machine. Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 When we entered there wasn’t much active conversation going on, requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 just a bunch of serious burger munching customers enjoying their plates of sliders and fries. Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 A majority of the customers were donning the traditional grey uniforms from the NYPD police academy which is a few blocks away. Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 I ordered 3 cheeseburgers at $1.25 each and a tray of french fries. Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 They individually wrap the burgers in waxed burger joint cheeseburger butcher paper and tossed them into a brown paper sack. Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 You can also get cheese fries and milk shakes here as well as Red Bull. Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 Although I only had three of the cheeseburgers, requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 I was already stuffed. Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 Much more stuffed than say 5 White Castle burgers. Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 So next time you have a craving for White Castle, requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 you don’t need to hike up to Harlem or Port Authority for some great cheap burgers. Requip 0.25mg pills $229.00 A recent restaurant review on the wall talks about how Matthew Broderick and wife Sarah Jessica Parker love this place so I guess the word is out.

Average Rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 179 user reviews.

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  • Reply mona October 14, 2005 at 7:58 am

    Thanks for the tip. How did this “slider” rage start? Now I’m seeing them
    everywhere? I haven’t gone to the burger joint yet but will have to soon.
    Happy Friday!

  • Reply Stella February 21, 2006 at 8:31 pm

    The Sliders are great…those onions make the burger and the owner is funny!! The drinks should be larger for the price but whatevver. Their Stewarts root beer floats are addictive and everything is cheap so you get a meal that you wouldnt think would fill you up for $5.00. Extremely busy in the summer time but that will be what you crave not White Castle! Happy Eats. Tell them Stella sent you. I go there a lot.

  • Reply Debbie May 9, 2009 at 7:12 am

    I used to eat at this place all the time but they moved and i don’t know where? Can anyone PLEASE help me find them again??????

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