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September 22, 2005

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Variety Cafe 46th Street bwtn 5th and 6th Ave

Septra 480mg pills $98.00 Sandwiches, septra 480mg pills $98.00 Salads, septra 480mg pills $98.00 Asian, septra 480mg pills $98.00 Mexican, septra 480mg pills $98.00 Middle Eastern

Septra 480mg pills $98.00 Working in Midtown has some advantages – easy access for all subways, septra 480mg pills $98.00 commutes are relatively easy wherever you live, septra 480mg pills $98.00 convenient shopping, septra 480mg pills $98.00 and nice parks to hang out during / after work. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 The disadvantage however is that the food selection out here sucks. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 It’s either overly expensive or you’re looking at cheap Chinese and/or fast food. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 Everything else in between is just the same repackaged sandwiches and salad joints with different names and locations. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 You’ll usually find these at one of the many delis sprinkled throughout midtown.

Septra 480mg pills $98.00 One of the largest of these mega-cafes delis is Variety down on 46th street between 5th and 6th avenue. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 It’s another one of those Korean mafia type places that stuff every type of food into one location for you to quickly run in and run out. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 I once got a custom order non pre-made turkey hero sandwich, septra 480mg pills $98.00 grilled, septra 480mg pills $98.00 sliced and handed to me within 2 minutes. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 I just discovered the other day however that in the back is a middle eastern booth that fully rocks. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 (By the way, septra 480mg pills $98.00 the sandwiches are good here and cheaper than most places. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 $5 for a grilled pre-made sandwich with a bag of chips and a pickles.) Walk past the sandwich counter, septra 480mg pills $98.00 past the steaming mystery meat buffet trays and hang a left to the Middle Eastern Place booth (there’s a neon sign that points you in the right direction as well). Septra 480mg pills $98.00 The dude who works the booth is pretty cool – he’ll usually hook you up with a free fresh falafel to munch on while he prepares your dishes. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 I got the Lamb Schwarma. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 This is a real schwarma, septra 480mg pills $98.00 not the imitation ones made with day old pita bread. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 He hand rolls the schwarma, septra 480mg pills $98.00 stuffs it with all kinds of fresh lettuce, septra 480mg pills $98.00 tomatoes, septra 480mg pills $98.00 onions, septra 480mg pills $98.00 etc and lots of tzatziki sauce and hot sauce as well. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 Then he grills it on the panini press. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 For $6.49 it’s a pretty good deal – it’s a a huge sandwich that I had to eat for lunch and dinner. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 I also noticed they had a Soba noodle booth in the very back that I may go back and try. Septra 480mg pills $98.00 For now though I want to try the other options on the Middle Eastern menu.

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  • Reply Alienboy September 23, 2005 at 1:47 am

    Hi Simon,

    Glad you enjoyed visiting my blog. I love rich food as well as plain food but sometimes all the complex things we make today can make us forget the basic, simple pleasures of white bread, in all its infinite varieties (my current favourite is Greek bread, you know those big round loaves covered in sesame seeds, hmm delicious, but practically impossible to find in Southern Spain) or other basic foodstuffs.

    Also, eating simple Tapa sized dishes is really helping me to control my weight.

    Your blog must be great fun; I have eaten in New York many times an d love eating out there. There is so much choice and great quality – and the service is great.

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