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September 30, 2010
Spicy Chipotle Mayonnaise Recipe on Nori Rolls

Exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 chipotle mayonnaise recipe and nori rolls
I went to a Bobby Flay Lori Loughlin Hellmanns Food blogger event a few weeks ago and was ‘gifted’ 2 huge tubs of Hellmanns mayonnaise. Exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 At the rate I use mayo, exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 it’s more like a year supply and I didn’t really know what to do with the mayo. Exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 A friend suggested I make some chipotle mayo and that was an awesome idea (thanks Mike). Exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00

Exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 chipotle mayonnaise recipe and nori rolls

Exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 Here’s my spicy chipotle mayonnaise recipe:

2 cups or an entire 15 oz Hellmanns mayonnaise Jar (I used the entire container so I could use it as storage after making the chipotle mayo)
3-4 chipotles in adobo sauce (I prefer La Morena brand – great heat and full flavor)
1 lime, exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 juice and zest of ½ of the lime.
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 Carefully dice up the chipotles and mix it all into a bowl and whip it up. Exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 For a smoother mayo, exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 you can use a mortar pestle and further grind the chipotle peppers before adding them into the mix.

Exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 chipotle mayonaise recipe and nori rolls

Exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 Enjoy with anything you’d normally use mayonnaise on such as fries, exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 sandwiches, exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 etc. Exelon 4.5mg pills $257.00 We made some vegetarian nori rolls and the spicy chipotle goes great with it!

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