The White Castle Burger Experience

My Recent White Castle Burger Experience

This week I’ve had some frighteningly unhealthy food such as a jumbo slice of Koronet Pizza, Harlem Fried Chicken and to top it off White Castle Burgers Ahhh White Castle Burgers, one of the perks of living on the East Coast. Some of my friends in California have no idea what they are missing. (Though some would say it’s better that way / In and Out Burgers are way better) white castle burger White Castle burgers if you don’t’ know were first made popular by a Beastie Boys song back in the 80s and recently by the film Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle A White Castle burger is a miniature burger (slider) with a hamburger patty, onions, pickles, mayo and ketchup. They’re small enough that you can eat them in a few bites. food blog actually has a real cool blog post that describes how you can make your own White Castle burgers on your own. Anyhow I don’t really know why I went up to White Castle last night – maybe it’s something to do with white castle burgersBeastie Boys songs that gets me in trouble ( Brass Monkey) or it was just the persistence of my friends Noel and Lisa to relive the old days of New York with alcohol and White Castle burgers, but whatever it was before I knew it, I was walking up 1st avenue to wards one of the few remaining original White Castle Burger restaurants in Manhattan. That night the plan was simple: play poker, check out Noel’s new Karaoke game on his PS2, drink and gorge down ugly amounts of white castle burgers. It was going to be just 4 of us : Noel, Lisa, her white castle crave caseboyfriend Jesse and I. We did the math and figured we should order the Crave Case of 30 White Castle burgers and then a 10 pack on the side to give us equally 10 burgers a person. I tried to take a photo of the unique way they grill the white castle white castle burgersburgers but the management wasn’t very happy, however she did allow me to take a photo of the staff instead. That should have been a good sign right there not to proceed.

Crave Case of White Castle Burger

Personally I’ve never ordered a case of white castle burgers but I have to say walking out of the restaurant it felt like I was clutching a new fashionable accessory. There’s something just manly about carrying a case of these burgers. Needless to say we all did our best to finish off the mountain of greasy white castle burgers. I managed to down about 6 or 7 and Jesse, perhaps aided by hunger after working out at the gym, played a key role as the clean up crew. Coco the dog also did her part by picking up the few scraps and remains. It was ugly – not to mention the day after. The things I do for this food blog – you have no idea.

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