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June 2, 2005

Rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 afghan kebab house new york

Afghan Kebab House New York

Rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 764 9th Avenue @51st
New York
212 307 112

Rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 If you’re down in Times Square and in search of a reasonably priced meal but
a) Want to avoid tourists / don’t want to go to franchise fast food.
b) Don’t want to spend beaucoup bucks on a sucky trendy meal.

Rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 Check out the choices of restaurants on 9th Avenue between 49th and 59th street. Rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 There a lot of variety of restaurants including Chinese, rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 Greek, rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 Japanese, rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 American Diner, rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 Thai, rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 French, rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 Italian, rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 etc. Rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 On 51st Street there is the Afghan Kebab House which serves up some delicious meals. Rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 I stopped by for take out a few days ago but the dining atmosphere is also quite a change from the busy streets outside. Rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 Inside the Afghan Kebab House, rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 it’s dark and quiet.
afghan kebab house new york
On the back wall is an interesting picture of Ronald Regan and an official letter from the White House apologizing that President Ronald Regan had to turn down the offer to visit the Afghan Kebab House but would definitely consider visiting the next time Regan is in New York. Rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 Maybe someone needs to tell the owner that Ronald Regan passed away a year ago. Rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 But seriously though now that I think about it, rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 I kind of think Regan missed out cause the food here is pretty good. Rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 I usually order the Lamb Kebab Plate. Rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 For $10.00 you get a large plate of fragrant basmati rice, rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 succulent pieces of marinated lamb grilled to perfection, rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 a side salad and flat bread. Rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 There’s also the tzatziki sauce and some spicy sauces that you can add. Rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 So next time you are in the Times Square area and are a little hungry, rebetol 100mg pills $372.00 just walk 2 blocks west over to Clinton / Hell’s Kitchen and sample the wide variety of food on this street.
afghan kebab house new york 9th avenue

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  • Reply Denielle March 31, 2006 at 10:25 am

    This was a very good website

  • Reply murtaza August 13, 2006 at 5:50 pm

    extremely mouth watering, mmmmmm afghani food, its very good.

  • Reply tim black August 22, 2006 at 12:20 am

    you will finish your plate…it’s that good!!!

  • Reply Chris July 16, 2009 at 7:25 am

    This place has been going gangbusters since the 80’s! The Reagan thing is because he supported their cause against the Soviets – please learn a little history while you are stuffing your face. 🙂

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